Sweet girl seeks someone special

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Sweet Girl is a revenge thriller that is much too tame and familiar, but solid performances from Jason Momoa and Isabela Merced, as well as an interesting narrative twist, make for a solid enough film. The film offers Momoa the perfect leading vehicle.

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The actor has made quite the career for himself, playing gruff and somber men just doing what they can to survive, and he taps into his emotional side for this thriller. The story follows Ray Cooper Momoawho seeks revenge against the pharmaceutical company responsible for the death of his wife from cancer.

Along for the dangerous ride is their teenage daughter, Rachel Merced. In all fairness to screenwriters Gregg Hurwitz and Philip Eisner, the film offers some interesting twists and turns that one can't quite see coming, but it does march down a predictable path.

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There are one too many obvious red herrings and a very clear conclusion that can be spotted a mile away. Aside from being told to believe that a man like Momoa would have the surname Cooper, his performance is raw and honest.

On the flip side, there is Isabela Merced's Rachel. She recently had her name thrown into the ring for Warner Bros. Merced does a great job balancing the vulnerability of Rachel Cooper as well as her determination to seek revenge alongside her father. There is a fair bit of action and emotional beats that Merced handles very well, and there is an assuredness in her scenes that do not go unnoticed.

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However, just as it is hard to believe Momoa is just an average guy named Ray Cooper, it is also quite a leap to believe that a teenage girl on the run would have time to rock some eyeliner and lip gloss. Other than that, Merced is certainly a star to watch as she continues to challenge herself with drastically different projects.

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Furthermore, Sweet Girl does quite a bit to center her as much as Momoa by giving her a meatier role, one that does not often get offered to women in these sorts of films, and Merced rises to the occasion. Perhaps what truly sells this movie is the effectiveness of its on-location shooting, the stunts, and the momentum built by the score and pacing. With a story like this, there is only so much the characters can go through before it starts to feel monotonous or excessive. However, the action is effectively brutal and exciting — most importantly, it's well-paced.

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Cinematographer Barry Ackroyd captures a realistic atmosphere, making the fight scenes and chases feel real and honest. First-time director, Brian Mendoza, proves to be a competent filmmaker, but could probably evolve when it comes to capturing action.

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Otherwise, he made a solid revenge thriller. Mendoza definitely picked up a few things from being Momoa's producing partner for ten years and Sweet Girl is pretty impressive for a first outing.

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Perhaps the best thing the film accomplishes is putting more eyes on Momoa and Merced, as well as Mendoza as a director. However, the driving force in the film is Momoa; many have likely only seen his work in Game of Thrones and Aquaman. Sweet Girl offers a look into what the actor is capable of as a performer, and encourages viewers to venture through his filmography to see what he has been building for himself. He's been making interesting choices that show different sides to his acting abilities and interests, and Sweet Girl is certainly a showcase of what he can do.

Sweet Girl is available to stream on Netflix as of August 20, The film is minutes long and is rated R for some strong violence and language. By Ferdosa Abdi Published Aug 22, Share Share Tweet 0. Key Release Dates.

Sweet girl seeks someone special

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Sweet girl seeks someone special