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To ensure the safety of our guests and staff, here is our current spa treatment menu. If you have any questions or would like to book your appointment please our Single men Stowe desk at Day packages include a healthy Spa lunch in our Poolside Spa Cafe, unlimited access to our luxurious sanctuary lounges with complimentary tea and juice bars, fireplace, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room.

Robe and sandals will be provided. Price and selection subject to change. Relax and bond in our Treatment Suite with side-by-side minute Custom facials and minute Well-being Massages, followed by Aroma Manicures. Includes an Ayurvedic Face Treatment and an Abhyanga-Garshana or any combination of one 50 and one minute Ayurvedic treatment. Revitalize your face and refresh your soul with an Aroma Manicure and Pedicure with a minute Stoweflake Custom Facial.

A minute Reflexology treatment followed by an Aroma Pedicure with Paraffin will leave Single men Stowe feet feeling rejuvenated. Workout with our personal trainer for minutes to earn a well-deserved minute Well-being Massage! Hot towel compressions, a full body maple scrub, and a moisturizing massage with body butter tops off this divine experience.

Deed to nourish, re-mineralize and help reduce and smooth cellulite. This Vichy shower treatment features a seasonal body scrub and balancing massage with seasonal oil. A gentle exfoliation, warm honey body mask, jasmine body butter massage, jasmine hair oil scalp massage and facial marma point therapy. A rose exfoliation, followed by an application of a rose petal mask, a neck massage while wrapped and ends in a full body rose massage.

An aromatic footbath followed by Foot Reflexology combined with warm herbal hot packs, ending with a massage for your head, neck and shoulders. A series of dry skin brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system followed by a hot lavender or evergreen oil massage. This classic herbal wrap will relieve ailing muscles and ts while improving your respiration, finished with a classic Eucalyptus Massage.

Infuse the body with iron and help melt and smooth cellulite. Begin with a hot, active thermal warmth followed by a soothing cool sensation and finish with a warm massage containing paprika to penetrate Vitamin C to the body. A full body peel, moisture rich carrot mask, soothing head and neck massage, followed by a carotene rich full body massage.

A body wrap of floral linens warm and soothe your body while your therapist applies head, neck, scalp and marma point massage. Sage oil combined with epsom and sea salts exfoliates while hydrating. The minute version includes a hydrating massage. Refrain from shaving before this treatment.

For all skin types, this facial removes impurities and balances the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed. Includes foot exfoliation. This non-invasive, anti-aging treatment helps rejuvenate, firm the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A traditional European-style facial follows a custom skin analysis in which your Esthetician determines your skin type and the best products for you.

Ilike is produced in Hungary from organically grown and handpicked herbs, fruits and vegetables. This all-natural skincare has therapeutic and beautifying effects resulting in clear, balanced and glowing complexions. This unique organic AHA peel will bring back vitality and renew your skin to create lasting firmness. The anti-aging properties of organic grape seed combined with the organic AHA peel hydrate and help stimulate collagen production. Soothing organic ingredients help to calm the skin and reduce inflammation, leaving skin hydrated and soft.

Its -driven, reparative treatments are ideal for all skin types. Blending plant derived Stem Cells and Niacin, this advanced treatment will help prevent the s of aging. A skin brightening treatment helps to treat sun damage with a powerful alpha beta peel while peptides firm your skin. For normal to extra dry skin types, this treatment uses the highest concentration of B.

This acid peel helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles by delicately exfoliating surface skin cells. Leaves skin smooth and hydrated. This gentle facial helps to clear skin and prevent further breakouts. A deep hydrating facial deed to repair and protect your skin from harsh winter elements that cause windburn and dryness.

Combines moist heat, deep Single men Stowe therapeutic massage, and healing oil to soothe sore muscles and ts. Our skilled therapist will massage your back, neck and shoulders focusing on key areas that will leave you feeling stress free and renewed.

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A muscle-soothing massage and heat therapy relaxes and melts away tension while increasing circulation to the back, hands and feet. A custom pinpointed massage focuses therapeutic attention on key areas of the body that hold tension. Stimulate energy flow and circulation with therapeutic acupressure to reflex points in the feet.

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Includes a relaxing herbal footbath. Our prenatal support system allows her to lie face up or face down safely during this gentle, soothing experience. Relieve muscles, ts, and stress with hot basalt stones for a deep, penetrating heat balanced by chilled, marble stones. Experience a unique style of bodywork: Assisted stretching combined with acupressure that is applied along energy sen lines — performed on a floor mat. Therapists will use their feet to perform broad, deep compressions to bring about relaxation in chronically tight muscle tissue.

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian science of life and wellness. It establishes an understanding of your individual body type and its current imbalances, which can cause skin problems, weight gain, sleep issues, digestive complaints, t pain and more. Ayurveda focuses Single men Stowe the root of the problem and the solutions that will help regain balance-allowing your body to heal itself.

Visit the Center for Growth to learn more about our different programs and retreats. Reevaluate your lifestyle plan and maintain motivation in achieving your wellness goals. Meet with our consultant in person or by phone. Herbal Oil Treatment and Lymphatic Stimulation Garshana, a dry lymphatic massage with silk gloves, is followed by a customized rhythmic herbal warm oil treatment. Deep-Tissue Massage This deeply invigorating treatment breaks up adhesions, stimulates lymphatic flow and guides impurities out of the body.

t and Muscle Detoxification This deeply warming and relaxing treatment uses poultices that are warmed in oil and applied to the tissue, relieving inflammation and sore ts. The perfect remedy for stress and an over-active mind. A stream of warm oil onto the third eye soothes the mind and senses.

A full-body steam treatment in a heat chamber that allows the head to remain cool. Moist heat and essential oils encourage the mobilization of impurities. A rhythmic warm herbal oil massage followed by a continuous warm oil stream to the forehead. This treatment is deeply relaxing and balancing to the nervous system. For those Single men Stowe have a hard time relaxing, this treatment includes a vigorous Ayurvedic deep tissue massage followed by a continuous stream balancing treatment.

Relax and detox with a full body exfoliation followed by a mineral-rich wrap and nutrient warm bath. Nourish your body with the rejuvenating effects of Chlorophyll. Begin with a spinach and horsetail exfoliation, followed by a stimulating application of nettle and algae, mineral bath and herbal massage. Enhance your favorite treatment by sharing it with someone you love! By the warm glow of a fire, couples indulge in a private aromatherapy bath for two and are then treated to side-by-side candlelit massages.

Relieve soreness and tension with the therapeutic benefits of mineral-rich mud applied to the back, combined with a muscle-soothing, full body massage. Begin with a cooling exfoliation followed by a stonecrop body mask rich with herbs and minerals, ending with a therapeutic herbal massage. All of our hair services begin with a personal consultation.

Your hair texture, facial structure and lifestyle are considered as we work together to create your new look.

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Relaxing shampoo, mask and aroma-therapeutic essential blend oil is applied to your scalp. Includes a balancing touch massage from head to lower arms and hands. Hands are also wrapped in warmth as head, scalp and neck are completed. Finish with a cool refreshing rinse.

Single men Stowe

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