Sex talk in Saint Paul al

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This originially appeared on OnFaith. Paul was tormented by this careless, indulgent attitude. In his letter, Paul goes into a riff on sexual purity, specifically regarding intercourse with prostitutes; Paul finds sex with prostitutes problematic because sex with a prostitute typically happens without spiritual union.

Since Paul believes that the body and spirit are connected not temporarily but eternally, what we do to and with our bodies matters. Clearly Paul is anti-prostitution. Paul is anti a lot of things. This is one of the reasons so many people dislike Paul so very much. Come to think of it, this is also the reason so many love Paul so very much.

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Today, those who dislike Paul usually dislike him because of the way his guidelines for sexual activity and gender roles, and interactions with slaves, and castration…etcetera…oh Paul have been preached as moral law. Some churches tend to avoid the topic of sex altogether, usually in response to those churches who obsess over it. Unfortunately, the effects of talking too much about sex and too little about sex are pretty much the same. While moralizing explicitly reveals what activity is shameful, silence inspires the same shame but without all of the sexy details. When a reading like 1 Corinthians comes up as it will this Sunday…be preparedunrehearsed lectors will read aloud with uncomfortable voices and eyes wide open as teenagers Sex talk in Saint Paul al in the pews next to their parents.

Paul deals directly with sex, but he does not do so as many assume; Paul never really writes a treatise on sexuality; he comments on it, but he never landed a book deal to write definitively and timelessly on the topic. Not like James Dobson smh. In probably every case when Paul writes of sex, he is responding directly to a question someone else has posed—at the very least, he is responding to a recurring issue in one of his planted communities. If you had read 1 Corinthians20, 24,andyou would know Paul was into singles remaining single.

No, Paul wants already -married people to not refrain from sex with one another. At the time and in the Hellenistic culture, there was a popular notion that if one could be celibate, one could reach new spiritual heights. Additionally, he was trying to help the Corinthians avoid the damage that adultery often causes when spouses decide to find sex elsewhere. The issues we do talk about include whether Communion before Baptism is acceptable or ought to be encouragedhow we use our sacred spaces is it okay for Muslims to hold prayer services in Christian chapels?

I love that the Washington National Cathedral and briefly the Duke University Chapel are offering their sacred space for Muslims to hold services of corporate worship. I love that the Episcopal Church, and some others, are not so prudish as to pretend that alcohol is inherently bad, even allowing it at church events. In all of these things—and so many more—we find tremendous expressions of freedom, but with freedom comes tremendous opportunity to negatively affect others. So many things are lawful for us, but not all of them are beneficial for everyone. Maybe Paul does have some wisdom to offer to us modern Christians…we have a lot with which to wrestle.

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Sex talk in Saint Paul al

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What the Apostle Paul Said About Prostitutes, Marriage, and Sex