Real women in ohio

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By sharing how they live their purpose through activism, they fueled our potential to create lasting change for women and girls here in central Ohio.

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Two powerful storytellers, Geena Davis and Roxane Gay shared an open and authentic conversation about their own experiences, feminism, the portrayal of women in media and culture, how women can use their voices, and why it matters that they do. Billie Jean King is the epitome of a game-changer, breaking down barriers as a pioneer for gender equality.

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Her spirit and confidence radiate beyond her music when she advocates for gender equality and as she raises awareness to create a stronger community for all. Melissa amplifies and embodies the power of ME. Author, humanitarian, activist, and actress Ashley Judd uses her voice as an advocate for equality, encouraging women by sharing her own story. Her words focused on the strength she gained from her travels and understanding she has gained by giving back and helping others find their voices.

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From their work together on the documentary, Half the Sky, America Ferrera and author Sheryl Wu Dunn shared a powerful message; one that illustrates the incredible potential of women and girls. One of the few elite artists who have won a Grammy, an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and a Tony, Whoopi Goldberg is o utspoken, genuine, and informed.

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She makes us listen. She gets us to pay attention, even when we might disagree. She can be a little unpredictable. And she keeps us curious. Her movies have inspired us, and so have her humanitarian efforts. Have you met her as a philanthropist and educator? The Hawn Foundation teaches a curriculum to school age children about mindfulness.

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Oscar-winning actress Diane Keaton has always been in a class of her own. Steinem was a founder of the first national U. A night where 2, of us come together to celebrate women and girls and influence progress. We hear the real stories of the change makers, disruptors, and influencers.

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We experience how they create real change by amplifying their voices for women and girls. Inspired by their stories, we unlock the power of our voices to advocate for women and girls, mobilize for action, and create lasting social change.

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Together, we are connected, ignited, and fiercely committed to gender equality.

Real women in ohio

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