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What would you pay to meet the love of your life? Twenty dollars a month for an Internet dating site that lets you wade knee-deep into the dating pool and swim with millions of other singles? Over the last few years, a surprising of singles have been choosing the latter, despite the declining economy.

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Instead, the opposite has happened, he said. Matchmakers not only have survived but are thriving, having been aided and legitimized by the entity that was supposed to have killed them off — the Internet. In fact, the three go hand in hand, leading relationship-minded singles to ever higher levels of paid service.

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Personalized matchmakers promise to do just that. I have to go in and do an intervention and be on call seven days a week. She finds her female clients take longer to match. There are more details to attend to with clients: manners, appearance, expectations.

Here she is. There are two ways to work with a matchmaker.

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There are the clients who pay for introductions to potential partners and the people with whom those clients are paired. Equipped with an extensive database of singles, the matchmaker then peruses the possibilities to determine who might be a match and calls in good prospects for one-on-one interviews that help to further hone the pairing in hopes of a click. Then comes the big unknown: chemistry. Eight years ago, an actress who asked to remain anonymous because of what she believes is lingering social stigma went on a date through Personal matchmaker louisiana matchmaking service for the first time.

Four and a half months later, they were engaged. Eleven months later, they were married. They now have two kids and are getting ready to celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary. That actress, it turns out, was part of the first marriage put together by April Beyer, founder of the year-old, L. Hopefully our clients are giving us the freedom to be creative and have a bit more latitude.

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But increasingly, Internet dating is bringing in a matchmaking component. In lateMatch.

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If dating is, indeed, a s game, then Internet dating sites have the edge. But matchmakers have gut instincts. Matchmaking is strongest among thirty- forty- and fiftysomethings, according to Fermin. But if they do have money, Fermin is confident she can help. This is not love. That is, of course, easier said than done.

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Personal matchmaker louisiana

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