Need a date for the wedding

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Create a personalised profile. Select personalised. Apply market research to generate audience insights. Measure content performance. Develop and improve products. List of Partners vendors. To help you through it, we consulted with wedding planner Lisa Costin Need a date for the wedding astrologer Tracey L. Read on for all the expert info you need for selecting your wedding date—including what holidays to avoid, how far in advance to book, and even how the moon cycle could influence your choice. Meet the Expert.

Some couples like to enjoy the engagement period and take their time planning, while others prefer to get straight to work. That said, the average length of an engagement in the U. Though it varies with geographical location, Costin says Saturdays in May through October are typically peak dates. Couples that want to avoid high heat—especially with an outdoor wedding—may choose to avoid late July and August.

In recent history, the most popular wedding date in the U. Peak dates will be even more competitive in and due to weddings postponed by the coronavirus pandemic. Avoid disappointment by booking your venue as soon as possible, or being more flexible with your wedding date.

Costin has also planned many weddings for July 4th weekend. Your wedding date can majorly impact costs associated with your wedding. Many venues and some vendors, particularly caterers have seasonal pricing, with costs being ificantly lower in months that see less demand. The same is true for different days of the week— weekday weddings and Friday and Sunday weddings typically have lower rates than Saturday weddings.

Before picking a wedding date, make sure it works for parents, close friends, and anyone else you feel is a must-attend. If a sizable portion of your guests will be coming in from out-of-town, it might be harder for them to find accommodations if your wedding is the same weekend as a major city-wide event. In a post-pandemic world, pay attention to when marathons, big-name concerts and festivals, and, in certain college towns, even when football games are taking place. Though booking a hotel block for guests well in advance can relieve some of this worry, you still might be faced with street closures and traffic that could put a damper on the flow of your wedding weekend agenda.

Otherwise, you may find guests choosing between one destination or the other. You also want to give guests extra notice nine months to a year so they can plan and save, especially if the occasion calls for overseas travel. Looking for a little cosmic guidance when it comes to selecting your wedding date?

We asked pro astrologist Tracey L. Rogers to weigh in. While some astrologers might advise you against ing contracts or making major decisions during this time period because things could go awry, Rogers is more realistic. Your Privacy Rights.

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We and our partners process data to: Actively scan device characteristics for identification. I Accept Show Purposes. Sarah Zlotnick. Sarah Zlotnick is a journalist with 10 years of experience and has been a writer in the wedding space for seven years. Brides's Editorial Guidelines. Fact checked by Cherisse Harris.

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Cherisse Harris is a fact checker with a focus on lifestyle, beauty, and parenting. Tracey L. Rogers is a Philadelphia-based professional astrologer and certified life coach. Related Stories.

Need a date for the wedding

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15 Ways to Choose Your Wedding Date