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To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Last Jump to : 1 to 15 of This forum thread is moderated by Admin. Today Posts: Place is almost to busy. Had to wait 15 min, drew Mina or something like that. Hottest little spinner I have seen at an AMP in years. Place is expanded since my last visit long long ago and yes its a very clean operation.

They have so many rooms now. One is in a passage way so think it blocks off access to the shower area for half the place if being used. Funny they were so busy and she knew she was totally hot. Talent wise it seems not only a good bang for the buck but the only spinner bang around. Would put her visual 20's Asian mid to late 30's. Five foot lb no real fat, slightly tone, dark traditional hair, great completion smile, makeup was perfect down to toe nails and a perfect cocktail dress, panties and shoes. Service was good, little Ritch and difficult with parking.

Maybe a once and a while treat but not a regular stop. Massage sex Providence Rhode Island the mirrors in every room. Reply With Quote. Yesterday Posts: 1.

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First review Good afternoon, I woke up today ready to pay a visit to an MP but could not decide which one. LE has been so active as of late I didn't want to get Massage sex Providence Rhode Island I read through several s of reviews and decided on I did not make an appointment. It is in a buisy section of the city and in my humble opinion a "rough" area but I am NOT a city boy. I circled a bit to find a place to park and walked a few blocks over to It was not well marked, if at all, from the street. I went in and found the establishment I was looking for with no problems.

There was a clean restroom to use on the way in and mamasan greeted me at the door for a temp check, covid, LOL. I was lead to a room and waited 5 minutes. After a short wait in walked Hanna, that's the name she went by today she was Blond and pleasing to the eye. We discussed the house fee and dispensed with that first off. We went to the shower room which was clean and well built, with one exception there were tw stalls for showers separated by a curtain. The shower was great and very through, we retired back to the room. I assumed the position for a massage and Hanna didn't hesitate to dig right in.

She is a smaller girl and depended on the foot massage rather than the strength of her hands on my back. I am not a fan of the walking on the back massage as I have had a few people in the past who have no clue what they are doing. The first surprise was she took care of a half dozen or so blackhe on my back, she seemed to enjoy it and dug right in! Hanna even took a moment to show me what she got out and tell me it was not good if it was there a long time.

Now for the flip, upon the flip she asked what I was looking for with a few hand gestures. I nodded my head and smiled, she brought me my pants and we were off to the races. Hanna was a doll and I would see her again!

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I must add this This is more than likely the cleanest establishment I have been in RI as well as the best furnished. The massage table was sturdy and well built and comfortable. I did hear at least two other masseuses on duty. I went with full intention to ask for a lineup but chickened out. Yes they do I can confirm that this place is never short of talents. Even though a hot one left, rest assured that they'll bring in another.

They rotate them regularly there so if you went and met a girl you like, most likely she's only there for 1 week, 2 the most so it'd be best if you go within that week to get another load in because she may not be around. I've been at that place 5 times, 2 of them were my favorites, absolute beauties.

I've called repeatedly for them and they've told me they are gone, so it seems like a common theme over there. And the fact that I see new post of a new hot talents, confirms that they are never short of cute providers. I plan on going back soon on a binge again and I know I'm going to meet up some good ones and I am not going to expect her to stick around either so I may do a double dip within a week if I like her.

That is he only way with that place. Getting to common they put a star at a place to build business up then once the line Massage sex Providence Rhode Island pull her. I was actually planning on taking the trip myself. So the question is, do they still have talent to make it worthwhile. Called little while ago to setup with Blue tomorrow morning. Told me Blue not working so I asked when she will be back, mama San said she didn't know when she'll be back. Posts: 6.

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Thats sad I was planning too:. Blue Called little while ago to setup with Blue tomorrow morning.

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How about just reporting the post and not helping him get traction by quoting it. Posts: 9. Kudos to you for doing that but I think most mongers would agree this is almost difficult to do when they've stuck to a routine of you finishing on with the condom, no matter the position.

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They don't even want to get fingered, like WTF is that, why the fuck am I paying you for? Fingering Vagina is a part of foreplay that we men love, I just slap their hands away when they try to restrict me, fuck that, why did I pay a hefty if I can't even get a good little fingering to get me started, its so annoying. It's as if you are not there to enjoy your lousy 40 minutes you're there but to make them money and they rush you out the door. What is the point? I'm sure many of us would love to break from the routine, lay one down flat on her back and take our sweet time to lay next to them, suck the shit out of their tities while getting a good fingering in the puss, playing with that meat.

That is a good stroke of foreplay no men here can deny that they'd enjoy if they truly allowed it but that is not really on the menu or no hint of such. To me, I went on a consistent weekly bing fucking over the summer and if the chics weren't pretty to make the experience worth it, it would've been half shitty going through the routine before the deed.

They undress, lick you for 2 -3 minutes with a bullshit rubber, you don't feel shit. Then it's that stupid monkey like CG position which I hate, then mish and doggy to finish. Re: Facial Kudos to you for doing that but Massage sex Providence Rhode Island think most mongers would agree this is almost difficult to do when they've stuck to a routine of you finishing on with the condom, no matter the position. Then it's that stupid monkey like CG position which I hate, then mish and doggy to finish.

And the funny thing about this, duing these positions, whenever you're switching to the next one, you feel pressured to hurry up and finish, even though you can look at the clock and see you clearly have 30 minutes left but feel like 5 minutes is all you have left. Something has to change, we need to demand better for our money. Again, I am like you, I tried to get as much bang for my buck as I don't like wasting time on silly massages if I don't have to like some lames do but I'd sure love to smut them out more and enjoy a better, more flexible menu besides the routine.

I have tit fucked a bunch of them and blew right then and there with no issues. Want to give them a facial just aim higher when you blow. With all of the money we're paying these parlor chics, it's time they open up the books to what we like for our fantasy session. I sure would love to do a facial every once in a while. FS doesn't even need to be included, a straight facial would do wonders for me, and if it comes with FS then I'd be in heaven. If they want more for it, an extra 20 is all I'd fork over, no more then that. That routine, lame, boring and uneventful CBJ is something I can deal without.

It just ruins the pleasure. We can't even do a Cum on body finish either. It's the rushed doggy, mish, CG, a weak one at that, nothing I hate more then the stand CG where they are in control and stand high, open their legs and jump on you up and down like a monkey. I prefer them get on top, lay flat, lean forward, let me grab that ass and stroke it in. You really get a good feeling like that. It's time we ask for more then the usual. The book needs to be open and more flexible. Stopped by drew girl can't recall name but was decent looking in her 40's.

Angel and Main Dropped in drew "Blue" suddenly a common name. Massage sex Providence Rhode Island was by the s service was also. She is nice, most will like her but just a little thick, but I like them very petite. Would not ask for her but would not turn her down either. Saw two other but they did not overly impress me.

Last Jump to :. All times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved. Originally Posted by HappyDave [View Original Post] Getting to common they put a star at a place to build business up then once the line forms pull her.

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Saw her last week. Said she was going on vacation for 10 days but would be back, fingers crossed that's true. Anyone else worth seeing at ? I have had no problem if I'm with a FS girl, slowing the clock down. Have them lie down with me and if their cute Explore every inch of there body.

Massage sex Providence Rhode Island

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