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Anita Rao It happened on an island off the coast of Spain. My first experience with nudism. I know Most beaches on the island were top optional. But we stumbled upon one particular beach where everyone was completely undressed. The motivating factor for taking off my swimsuit is that it actually felt more uncomfortable to be the only clothed one on the beach. I spent the first 10 minutes on my towel with my gaze down, convinced that everyone was looking at me, and just knew that I was not the kind of person who felt comfy with no clothes on. But when I finally looked Male nudist looking for female nudist, it quickly became clear: My discomfort with my nude body was all my own.

This is Embodied, our show tackling sex, relationships and your health. I'm Anita Rao. Caller from Durham My first experience with nudism was with my parents when we had a pool and we would jump in at night sans clothing. And it was normal. Nobody gave a darn. Margot I teach a naked yoga class at Three House Studios in Durham through the lens of defeating shame. Shame is a feeling that we are taught. It is given to us. We weren't born ashamed. So I shed it.

I literally removed the trappings of a capitalist society and explore my body through movement and meditation. Jill Hi, my name is Jill. And my favorite part of being a nudist is skinny dipping. Pool parties are the best. It is so refreshing not to have to worry about how you look. Everyone just has a good time. Just don't forget the suntan lotion.

Anita Rao Naturism and nudism are movements grounded in the belief that nonsexual, social nudity is a path toward more self-connection, body acceptance and freedom. These communities have been blossoming in the pandemic. And once you start talking about them, you might discover they're closer than you realize.

That's what happened to me. A few years ago, I discovered that one of my colleagues had experience in nudism and naturism spaces, and even spent six months of her life living in a nudist community in Florida. Her name is Naomi Prioleau. Naomi Prioleau There wasn't really a defining moment in my life, where I was like: Oh, you know, now I'm officially into naturism. And now I'm officially a nudist. I just I've always been comfortable with my body. I've always been comfortable being naked. Growing up, I always remember hanging out with my mom while she would be getting dressed to go to an event or something like that.

And of course, you know, she'd be naked, you know, in the process of putting on a ball gown or whatever. And I don't know if that kind of seeing her naked and seeing like, you know, her her cesarean scar and how she just didn't care about it. I don't know if that like kind of just was like osmosis to me or something. But I was like: Oh, okay, well, yeah, sure, naked is is the way to go. During college, I did go through like a difficult period and I actually went to a nudist colony for the first time, just to kind of like get back to normal. Like, I guess, get my power back to myself. And that's when I was like: Oh, okay, cool.

But I've always been comfortable just with the the naked human body.

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Anita Rao So when you had the traumatic experience in college, what made you decide to turn to naturism as a way of processing that? What appealed about going to a nudist space? Naomi Prioleau For me it was um - I just needed to have, like, my body back. I feel after, you know, in my traumatic experience, I felt like my body wasn't my own. And so I was like: Okay, I need to do something because I'm not feeling like myself. You know, I have low confidence, low self-esteem, like all of that.

I need to do something to bring myself back to who I, who I am this confident woman who just you know, thinks I'm the hottest thing walkin. So I went to the nudist colony. And it was it was just great. I went there for a tour, just to like, get used to the area. And immediately I see you know, this, like year-old man who's giving me a tour naked on the golf card. And I was like: Yeah, okay, this is the place for me.

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Anita Rao What do you think it is about being nude that makes you feel more in touch with your own body? Cuz I know for some folks and me personally, you know, at times when my body has changed, maybe I have the impulse of wanting to cover it more and kind of avoid changes or avoid being more drawn to thinking about my body. Why did you go the other way? Naomi Prioleau I don't think I'm making some kind of conscious effort to you know, say: Oh, my body's changing you know, I should get naked to accept it or whatever.

It's just part of who I am. It's just a natural thing. So, I'm naked all the time and I see my body go through all these changes and I'm like: Okay, you gained 20 pounds. Okay, you've lost 20 pounds. Oh, you have muscle. Oh, you don't have muscle. Oh, you're getting stretch marks and cellulite. Oh well, your your body is still going to be your body and you better just learn to deal with it. So it's just always been a natural thing for me. Anita Rao You mentioned that early experience of going into a nudist colony.

And a big important part of nudism and naturism is unlinking being naked from sex. So tell me about kind of your orientation toward that that major tenet of the movement and whether that was something that you needed to really work toward or whether that felt very natural to you.

Naomi Prioleau You know, with with nudism and naturism and all that and being in this nudist colony, you know, they obviously have the rules for you: you know, you can't stare at anyone, you have to have a towel with you, not doing any lewd behavior or anything like that. It was just such a lovely experience. I mean, even though it was a dark time, in my life, I look back on it with such fond memories, you Male nudist looking for female nudist, because I lived there for six months.

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And I feel like I got to know people on a much deeper level than I normally would, because I'm getting to know you beyond just what you're wearing. I felt like I just connected with everyone on such a deeper level because we all were naked. And we all had the same kind of mindset when it comes to life and you know, getting to know one another.

Anita Rao That mindset is shared by hundreds of thousands of people according to the American Association for Nude Recreation.

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Caller from Durham Why do I participate in it? Because it's freeing. Because I'm an old hippie, and old hippies - like young hippies - tend to rebel.

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Margot My goal is to get to a place where I can examine my body with curiosity and wonder, rather than anger, resentment or disgust. And frankly, it should be our right to walk outside naked and not fear for our safety. Jill When you are nude, you are your truest self. There isn't any hiding behind clothes.

Male nudist looking for female nudist

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For single nudists, pool-side meet-up is a chance to connect