Looking for a fuck buddy no drama

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Are they looking for a woman who never gets angry or afraid or sad, who never worries about her family or struggles in her job?

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To be clear: if drama means emotional or physical abuse, you should definitely avoid it. On the other hand, good luck finding a fulfilling relationship if you will only consider people with no issues.

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If I have sympathy for these drama-avoidant men, though, I can sum it up in two words: internet dating. The promise might not be real; maybe none of those astoundingly attractive women would date you. Why choose a challenging experience if a fun one seems like an option? Fair enough — but even so, few of us would choose that path if we thought we could skip it instead.

These days, when it takes willpower just to go and meet a friend instead of staying at home watching Netflixhow much more willpower does it take to voluntarily submit to the risk of difficult feelings? Three Jungian therapists discuss the challenge of choosing a life partner in an episode of the podcast This Jungian Life.

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Looking for a fuck buddy no drama

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Looking for Fuck BuddyNo drama