Indian girls in Omaha

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Requires Adobe Digital Editions. About the Book Empowerment of North American Indian Girls is an examination of coming-of-age-ceremonies for American Indian girls past and present, featuring an in-depth look at Native ideas about human development and puberty.

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Many North American Indian cultures regard the transition from childhood to adulthood as a pivotal and potentially vulnerable phase of life and have accordingly devised coming-of-age rituals to affirm traditional values and community support for its members. Such rituals are a positive and enabling social force in many modern Native communities whose younger generations are wrestling with substance abuse, mental health problems, suicide, and school dropout.

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Developmental psychologist Carol A. Markstrom reviews indigenous, historical, and anthropological literatures and conveys the of her fieldwork to provide descriptive s of North American Indian coming-of-age rituals. She gives special attention to the female puberty rituals in four communities: Apache, Navajo, Lakota, and Ojibwa.

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Of particular interest is the distinctive Apache Sunrise Dance, which is described and analyzed in detail. Also included are American Indian feminist interpretations of menstruation and menstrual taboos, the feminine in cosmology, and the ificance of puberty customs and rites for the development of young women. Author Bio Carol A. She is the coauthor of The Adolescent Experiencefourth edition, and Adolescent Life Experiencesthird edition, and has authored numerous scholarly works on adolescents and American Indians. Praise "Carol Markstrom's book is a notable contribution to the literature on women in North American Indian societies.

Table of Contents Introduction 1. Overview of Coming-of-Age Ceremonies. Foreword by Alan R. All My Relatives David C. Declared Defective Robert Jarvenpa. Religious Revitalization among the Kiowas Benjamin R.

Indian girls in Omaha

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