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It seemed simple enough. Eighteen months of honest labour at Forrest Nursery and Farms, room and board included, in exchange for more money than she could have possibly imagined. Even just seeing the figure on the paper made her mouth dry. She could pay off her college debts, even set some aside for the future. To distract herself from the decision, Annie raised the mug of coffee to her lips, taking a generous gulp. It was warm, and oddly sweet, and settled thickly in her stomach. Annie glanced up at the man standing in front of her. Wade Forrest, owner and proprietor of Forrest Nursery and Farms, met her wary gaze with a warm smile.

The farmer dressed exactly how Annie had always imagined a farmer would: a red plaid shirt that fit tightly over his strong, tanned body, worn denim jeans and muddied rubber boots. Annie swallowed, feeling nerves bubbling in her stomach, but pushed them aside. Annie tried to return his friendly grin, but found her eyes hazing. The pen shook in her hand and then slipped out of it, falling to the floor. Wade jumped forward, grabbing the Hucow 4 sexting from her hands before she could spill it.

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She looked up at him, her eyes wide, as the Hucow 4 sexting spun around her. Annie felt the roughness of his palm against her cheek as he held her gaze to his. Darkness reached for her, her vision narrowed. Annie floated back into consciousness, the musk of hay and barnyard strong in her lungs. She could hear a gentle mechanical whirring noise, that reminded her of a fan.

Her head felt heavy as she opened her eyes. She was laying on a mattress in a small, wooden-floored pen. There was a vertical-barred gate on the wall by her head. Annie blinked, struggling to comprehend her surroundings. She tried to push herself up to her elbows, but her body felt weak and sluggish. Multiple, small hard objects bounced against the back of her mouth as her eyes widened in shock and fear. Annie tried to wiggle away from his strong grip, but soon lost to the lack of air — she swallowed, the large pills sliding down her throat.

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Wade released her and she gasped for air. She could feel the pills settle in her stomach. The Hucow 4 sexting felt like it was spinning out of control, as she desperately tried to cover herself. Finally, as her eyes frantically searched for escape, Annie saw the source of the mechanical whirring. Across from her enclosure and the narrow walkway, there was another pen.

The woman in the other cell was on all fours, her dangling, full breasts sealed in tightly fitting suction cups. A steady stream of milk traveled from her breasts through the tubes to the machine. Her eyes were closed, flickering behind her eyelids as she swayed on her hands and knees. Say hi, Buck. On the outer side of the pen, a young man turned from an electronic panel to face her. His smile, as wholesome as apple pie, lit up as he turned from the panel and waved at Annie.

Pa told me we were hopefully getting more stock today. You know how Miss Molly likes it. Molly moaned as the suction cups detached from her breasts, but she remained on her hands and knees, milk dripping from her pert nipples to the floor of the barn.

Annie was too shocked to pull away from the touch. Casually, Buck pulled his cock out of his overalls. The young man stroked himself to full hardness, staring downwards at the docile Molly, who waited patiently, her ass upturned. If she knew what was about to happen, she gave no of Hucow 4 sexting. Buck dropped to his knees behind Molly, and quick as you please, pressed himself inside of her.

Annie knew that he did it from the way her face flickered with pleasure, her hands tightened, her lips parted. She moaned, a low, mewling sound. Buck grasped her wide hips, and began fucking her. He was tender, and it was clear from the expression across his face that he enjoyed it greatly — but it was all business.

The money still stands, and your freedom is still assured when your contract expires.

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We follow all labour regulations. He groaned, his hands clenching around her hips. Annie knew, undoubtedly, that he was cumming inside of her. Molly writhed under him, her own face contorted with pleasure. Annie thought about fighting him to escape, but knew there was no way she could physically best the large farmer, not to mention his equally stout son, who was cleaning his slick cock on a handkerchief. Wade snapped the gate shut and looked at her through the bars.

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Annie smiled as Wade held the suction cups to her aching breasts. The tugging sensation against her nipples began as he flicked the switch on the controller in his hand, and Annie laid back against the older man, sighing with relief.

Her girlish features had grown out, her hips widened and thickened. Her body felt sturdier, healthier in a way that Annie Hucow 4 sexting could have imagined. Most ificantly, her breasts had swelled until they hung heavily on her chest. In the first few weeks, Wade had forced her to swallow the pills, now, she swallowed them eagerly every morning before her milking. Annie mewled slightly as her milk flowed, traveling from the suction cups and up into the machine above her pen. The other woman had swollen quickly with child, her belly beginning to bulge generously.

She was out now with Buck for her daily exercise in the pasture. The first time Wade had approached her with the milking cups in his hands she had panicked, but his calm voice and reassurances had won her over.

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Annie had whimpered at the sensation of the suction pulling at her breasts, and watched in awed fascination as white be of milk budded at her nipples. Wade had stoked her backside, telling her how proud he was. He did the same now, gently combing her hair and humming a wordless tune as the milking machine whirled above them. He inspected the milk traveling through the tubes into the machine, the flow stilling, and he decreased the pressure around her breasts.

Annie winced as the suction cups detached, and Wade reached around her body, gently rolling her sensitive breasts in his hands. She melted into his touch. I know you enjoy it. Annie nodded. She did; being milked was her favourite part of every day, other than when Wade would let her suck on his cock, and drain his balls into her stomach.

But this felt… scary. A part of her knew that even if she protested, she would end today knocked up anyway. Wade was a kind man, but he was a businessman first. Wade smiled gratefully, and moved behind her, his large hands sliding across her backside affectionately. One of his thick fingers pressed inside of her, and Annie whimpered. Annie could feel the heat Hucow 4 sexting his cock near her entrance. She knew from the times she had sucked him that he was thicker than his son, and generously endowed in length. The thought of him inside her made her knees weak. His calloused hands ran up and down the small of her back as he thrust into her, pulling her onto his cock on occasion.

The kind of tender affection a farmer has for his animals. She came on his cock, hard, stars bursting in front of her eyes. Annie almost collapsed on her face, but Wade grabbed her hips and held her up. The pace and intensity of his thrusts increased, and the wet sound of their bodies colliding echoed in the barn. She moaned as he hilted himself inside of her, and then released. Closing her eyes, Annie thought she could feel each splash against her womb.

After a moment, Wade helped her lay her down on her side on the mattress, Hucow 4 sexting though she whimpered as his softened shaft slipped out of her body. And in a few weeks — the prenatal supplements. Although she knew it was silly, she tried to push it deeper inside of her, hoping that it would take. The lights in the barn gate were dimmed for night, the only sounds being the quiet breaths of the occupants of the barn and the sound of crickets. Annie was curled on her mattress, half-asleep when she heard the creak of a gate.

Annie glanced across the walkway, but Molly was still asleep on her own mattress. She spent most of her time bed-ridden, but Buck was at her side nearly the entire day. Twice daily, her pink mouth opened eagerly for his cock, sucking him until he braced himself against the pen wall and came hard down her throat. Annie often enjoyed watching them, her hands resting on her own slightly rounded stomach. Annie looked up sleepily, frowning as she saw Buck open and then close the gate to her pen behind him, holding a finger to his lips.

Hucow 4 sexting

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