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How did it go? Was he good looking? Was the sex worth it? I won't meet anyone who won't send a facepic. I don't get why they can't send a pic in pm. What do they imagine I'm going to do with it? Hot discreet dude like that really do my head in, I generally wouldn't have anything to do with them. First was a DL discreet married guy, he did send a face pic but it wasn't very clear. I met him at his house he wouldn't give me the address right away, only when I was a few blocks away. He was very hot when he opened the door, much better than his pics indicated.

There was 0 time wasted on small talk, and the sex was amazing. Surprisingly sensual too, was open to kissing etc. Seeing him again soon. The second guy was a bi discreet type, couldn't host. He never sent a face pic but the other pics were great. I couldn't host either but he was insistent on hooking up. He eventually found someone else who could host for us, and against my better judgement I agreed to it. Damn hormones. I got to the apartment and it was dirty, the two guys were already at it in the grimy bed.

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I wasn't into either of them. I let them suck me a bit but I had a hard time getting hard. Never again, not my proudest moment. Thanks for sharing! I feel like the married men scenarios are always the most thrilling. Although I would probably feel a bit guilty in the end, those guys seem to be the most strategic and attractive. Honest question, do you ever think about his wife? And how she'll feel once she realizes her husband has been backstabbing her for possibly many years?

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I live in a small town, and am not out in any way. However, if I wind up finding myself in a conversation with someone that I am wanting to meet I feel like I should send a pic of my face.

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Shamelessly, my best, most memorable Grindr hookups have come from discreet guys. As long as they dont lie you, I will go for it. I like DL guys who have muscular body. Go with it and try to see if you like it. Gotta try it to know if you like it or not. I am out but discreet with my sex life - so I get it. But also know many are lying. If anything - a video chat so I can at least see the face or send a pic in Hot discreet dude is my go to.

I don't talk with people who doesn't want to show their face. It always seems discreet guys don't have nice faces But even if you have a nice body, is your face nice looking too or is your body all you have to offer? I don't speak to guys who don't at least send a face pic.

The thing I wonder about with discreet guys is, what if we want to start fucking around on a regular basis? I'm not even talking boyfriends, love, constant IG photos kinda thing, I'm just saying I don't want to be someone's dirty secret and have to be careful about what kinds of references I make to him lest I out him accidentally. I'm probably overthinking it, but that's just who I am.

It didn't go. I never meet anyone who won't show their face. You should not either. For one, I won't meet anyone who doesn't send a face pic and expiring photos don't count because doing so is stupid. As far as guys who label themselves as "discreet' or "DL," they're paranoia, delusions, self-hate, or whatever isn't my problem.

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I don't need that energy around me. In my experience, the sex with these guys is lackluster to say the least, likely because of lack of experience or inhibition probably due to their discomfort with their sexuality. In contrast, guys that are out and comfortable in their skin are far better in bed and generally more enjoyable to be around. Found the internet! Discreet guys on Grindr. Posted by 1 year ago. Thank you! Sort by: top suggested. Reply Share. I had two experiences recently. Continue this thread. They fuck good usually.

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Hot discreet dude

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