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One bottle of Astroglide. Four bottles of baby oil. One Nikon mm. Lots of laptops, DVDs, external hard drives, and condoms. Surveillance glasses and black night-vision glasses. Eight Express Mail labels addressed to Strong Investigations. A notebook and a black leather appointment book, both filled with names. Excel spreheets containing e-mail addresses and phone s. Ledgers of sexual acts, with a monetary value given to each one, and hours of video recordings of many of them. These are just some of the items that were taken from the homes, offices, and cars of year-old Alexis Wright, who made part of her living teaching a popular Latin-inspired fitness class called Zumba, and year-old Mark Strong Sr.

In court documents, the police allege not only that Wright was a prostitute but that she shared her professional encounters with Strong, either by sending him digital tapes of them or live video via Skype. Wright was sexually involved with Strong, who was also a d private investigator.

Both Wright and Strong, who were indicted in October on a combined charges consisting mainly of engaging in prostitution herpromotion of prostitution bothviolation of privacy bothand in her case benefits and tax fraud, have pleaded not guilty. Drew as the scandal was first breaking.

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A member of the Bush family? Someone from the Secret Service? General Petraeus? Dolce says that she was asked about all three. The answers were no, no, and no. But, really, it could have been—and could still be—anyone. The community is also wrestling with even more traumatizing issues. Families are being torn apart, and children are having to face the world of adult transgressions far too early.

In the area around Kennebunk, it was an open secret long before the scandal broke that Alexis Wright led a double life. The blog in question, Alexiswrightzumbateacherpornstar, began with an anonymous entry on August 30, Alexis S. Here was an atractive [ sic ], phsically [ sic ] fit. Ararat High School inand in May had a son. Parent says she babysat for Wright, who claimed to be busy with pre-med classes. Wright started teaching Zumba in the auditorium of the Kennebunk Town Hall around the time she was going to college. Part of a pre-school group of moms, Wright would be at birthday parties on the weekends and had a boyfriend named Jason Trowbridge, whom she married in the summer of She reportedly advertised her massage services—which she performed at an office space she Fuck buddy in Kennebunk Maine rented in Kennebunk—through a Web site called Sensual Body Work by Lydia.

The advertisements for massages were only a small part of the picture. While many of them have also been taken down, there were reportedly hundreds of pornographic videos and photos of Wright online. You can still find some. School to become a Doctor.

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I enjoy working with people and feel that the human body is to be enjoyed visually and physically. I love being intimate with both men and women, however I would have to make sure that you are totally clean! I do not believe in Drugs, or people hurting people. Who knows, maybe I will be treating you someday! I have had sex with many of the married men locally and it is satisfying to know that I am providing them with what they are not getting at home. If the women only knew. We were just shooting the shit when I told him i was thinking about asking out the latin girl who taught the zumba class.

He started giggling but said nothing when i asked why he was laughing. When i went home that night i did a simple web search of her and was astounded by what i saw and the seemingly endless collection of crazy shit she was into. At this Web site he said he saw an explicit video—featuring Fuck buddy in Kennebunk Maine with a dildo—and realized it had been filmed at the office space he was renting to her, because he recognized the window and the color of the walls and floor molding.

Today, Dan Racaniello, who works at Toppings, says that some of the high-school-aged employees would laugh whenever the subject of Alexis Wright came up, because they were all online, and they all knew. People at the Coast Star knew all about Wright, too. At first, says Feals, they thought she just had an amateur porn career, but then Feals found blogs where alleged clients discussed how good she was and what she charged. By the fall of the paper also knew that the police were investigating.

And so, wait they did. Not that the blog was entirely anti-Alexis. People, look in the mirror, you are the witches. Instead, they say, they found a flourishing business. Prosecutors also found something more dangerous for Wright, given the nature of the law.

On the blog, some speculated that law-enforcement officials were protecting Wright, because they were in bed maybe literally with her. The Coast Star was also accused of being part of the cover-up. A perfect shit storm that will ruin many lives and relationships, and the storm is coming soon! The storm began in midsummer. Shortly after Wright got married, on July 10, the police arrested Strong, who lived in Thomaston, about a two-hour drive from Kennebunk.

He had owned his insurance agency there for more than two decades.

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His side businesses, in addition to his being a d private investigator operating under the name Strong Investigations, included professional photography. Strong Sr. Wright and Strong had known each other for a long time. By March ofwhen Wright was ing the five-year lease for her Pura Vida studio and was told she needed someone with good credit, she recruited Strong, who ed as a guarantor, according to the Portland Press Herald.

Others wonder if Wright was just trying to protect herself—or if she and Strong were going to sell the videos online. Strong himself has a different story about the whole affair. The charges against Strong—promotion of prostitution, violation of privacy, and conspiracy to commit those crimes—are misdemeanors. But the indictments were just a prologue to the real show, which is the revelation of who is on The List. That part has not been much fun for anyone around Kennebunk, be they guilty or innocent, participant or bystander.

It is standard practice for the Kennebunk Police Department to release to the media every two weeks the names of those charged with crimes. In any event, the rumors began to fly. At about p. But what about the people who are rumored to be on it and are not? That Monday, the judge ruled against Schwartz and said that the first 21 names should indeed be released, but without any other identifying information. Almost immediately, there were cases of mistaken identity.

The next day, the judge changed his mind and ordered the release of additional information, including ages, addresses, and middle initials. In early November, the longtime weatherman in Portland Joe Cupo, who has been with the local NBC affiliate sincetook to the air to defend himself because the rumor that he was on The List had become so pervasive. Cupo said on-air that his wife even had people coming up to her asking if they could help.

Even for those on The List, there are some who argue that their punishment has gone far beyond what the law Fuck buddy in Kennebunk Maine for. And about the same as a fishing violation, Lilley points out. But, of course, none of that matters to the wives and children and employers of the men who are charged. As of mid-December, more than 60 men had been charged, 10 of whom pleaded guilty. There have also been an official from the South Portland Church of the Nazarene, several small-business owners, and a former South Portland mayor. Prolman, his lawyer, says that his client thought he was dating Wright.

Of course, even if the man is acquitted, no one will care.

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By late November, Kennebunk and neighboring Kennebunkport, which were preparing for their annual tree-lighting ceremonies, seemed almost back to normal. Residents wish that were true. In addition, Strong is scheduled to go to trial in January.

After all, what happens to the videos? Could they materialize online in a year, 5 years, 10 years? I remain convinced that this will be huge. I sincerely wish everyone involved in this mess well. Including Alexis Wright. It's on the house. e-mail address.

Fuck buddy in Kennebunk Maine

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