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Correspondence to Hong S. E-mail Address: [ protected]. Search for more papers by this author. Department of Medicine D. Department of Genetics D. ATVB publishes research work that advances scientific fields in a rigorous and reproducible manner. We have implemented multiple approaches to follow the National Institutes of Health guidelines for rigor and reproducibility. InATVB developed a checklist in the peer review process to facilitate comments on multiple technical requirements, including the sex of animals used in preclinical studies.

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Couples sex Solingen have also emphasized the National Institutes of Health guidelines that encourage researchers to study both sexes in preclinical animal models. These include issues such as the rigor of statistical analyses and animal background strain, age, and sex. The deation of sex of origin in studies of primary cells derived from cell culture is not as common as it is in animal studies.

This is probably because of the unproven assumption that the lack of the hormonal environment in cell culture eliminates the need for deation of sex. However, because the differences of X and Y sex chromosomes and possibly sex-related differences in genomic imprinting are preserved in cultured cells, these cells could theoretically retain the ability to respond in a sex-dependent manner.

They concluded that publication of guidelines and statements alone is not sufficient to assure the reporting of sex and sex differences in preclinical studies. To more objectively assess whether and how sex information in preclinical research has been reported, the ATVB editors reviewed basic science research articles published in ATVB between and One hundred and thirty-three of the articles reported primary cells isolated from mouse, rat, cow, or pig. Table 1. Table 3. Table 4. In this article, we provide the of analysis of reported data on sex from animal models Tables 2 through 5 and primary animal cell cultures among basic science articles published in ATVB between and We will continue to monitor and document the analytic of reporting sex and sex differences in ATVB on an annual basis.

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Zebrafish have become an increasingly valuable model to study cardiovascular development and functions. Zebrafish breed prodigiously and generate large s of offspring rapidly.

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Their larvae are transparent, which make many anatomic features easily visible during development. In and8 articles reported zebrafish models, 6β€”13 involving studies of lipoprotein aling, endothelial development and functions, angiogenesis, and lymphangiogenesis. These articles studied zebrafish at stages during embryonic or larval development when the sex cannot be identified. Sex determination is more complicated compared with mammalian organisms because zebrafish do not have sex chromosomes.

Because sexual dimorphism has been noted in zebrafish in a few examples β€”the ATVB editors encourage authors to study both sexes and provide the sex identification information if adult zebrafish are studied. If the sex cannot be identified before the adult stage, we encourage the authors to briefly state this potential limitation in the Methods section.

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Rodents are the most common species used to study cardiovascular functions and diseases. The most popular species are mice and rats. The most commonly studied sex is male in both mice and rats Tables 3 and 4. Many studies included both in vivo studies and primary cell cultures from the rodent model. Most articles specified the sex of animals in the Methods section but did not provide sex information for primary cell isolation and culture.

Although it is very possible that same sex was used for both in vivo and in vitro studies, our analysis only counted the articles that clearly stated sex information in the primary cell isolation and culture sections. ATVB publishes articles that cover a spectrum of research areas on lipoprotein metabolism, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology, and related diseases.

Sex differences are an important feature of these cardiovascular physiological and pathological states. Although the first publication in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice used females, the vast majority of subsequent studies evaluated only male mice, except for a few articles that have studied sex differences of the disease in this mouse model. Therefore, if a strong sexual dimorphism has already been identified and recognized by Couples sex Solingen research community, the Couples sex Solingen editors recommend monitoring this specific issue and suggest that the authors provide a succinct justification in their manuscripts as to why a specific sex was studied.

Otherwise, we recommend that the authors study both male and female rodent models. Large animals are more expensive to maintain and study than rodent models, and thus data are frequently derived from relatively small sample sizes. However, these larger models may have more relevance to human physiological and pathophysiological conditions.

Therefore, the editors acknowledge the importance of and encourage cardiovascular research studies using large animals. In articles published between and in ATVB6 studied rabbit models, β€” 1 studied a dog model, 6 studied pig models, 11,β€” and 3 studied nonhuman primate studies.

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There are multiple issues that limit large animal studies, such as sample size, the cost, and study duration. Although the journal does not require that both sexes should be evaluated in large animal studies, it is suggested that authors state clearly the sex of animals, provide a necessary justification as to Couples sex Solingen a specific sex was studied, and discuss the potential limitation if only 1 sex was studied. ATVB implemented the technical review mechanism in Septemberwhich did not impact reporting sex Couples sex Solingen the articles that were reviewed and analyzed between and Tables 1 through 5.

However, we note that more articles have reported both male and female mouse data 26 articles incompared with publications 15 articles in Table 3. For those that only studied a single sex, reporting of female mice has also increased 17 articles in versus 9 articles in ; Table 3. The editors expect that this recently instituted technical review process will lead to a further increase in the reporting of sex and sex differences in ATVB.

The ATVB editors will evaluate each original research article with the following specific requests for reporting sex:. Sex of in vivo animal models and ex vivo primary cell culture studies must be clearly stated in the Methods section, section, tables, and figure legends. If the authors studied only 1 sex, the authors will be asked to provide a justification for the selection of this specific sex. We also recommend that the authors state the potential limitations of studying a single sex in either the Methods or Discussion section.

The ATVB editors appreciate the responsiveness of authors to study sex differences in preclinical models more frequently. We hope that this continued effort from both the editors and authors will help the research community to enhance understanding and exploring sex differences of cardiovascular functions and diseases. We would like to thank the ATVB editorial office, the editors, reviewers, and authors for their tremendous efforts supporting the publication of high-quality research articles that report sex and sex differences.

PMID: Tools Add to favorites Download citations Track citations Permissions. Jump to. HegeleNigel MackmanDaniel J. Lu Hong S. Lu Correspondence to Hong S. Robert A. Hegele Robert A. Daniel J. Rader Daniel J. Rader Department of Medicine D. Table 2. Table 5.

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hong. References 1. Sex hormones and sex chromosomes cause sex differences in the development of cardiovascular diseases. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. Consideration of sex differences in de and reporting of experimental arterial pathology studies-statement from ATVB council.

Do you know the sex of your cells? Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. Ramirez FD, Hibbert B. Autotaxin-lysophosphatidic acid axis acts downstream of apoprotein B lipoproteins in endothelial cells. Aminoacyl-transfer RNA synthetase deficiency promotes angiogenesis via the unfolded protein response pathway. MicroRNAa directs lymphangiogenesis through interacting with chemokine and Flt4 aling in zebrafish.

Couples sex Solingen

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