Brevard amateur radio club

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There is a lot more information in the About section of this website. There is also valuable information for anyone interested in amateur radio, no matter what their experience level. It is a chance for the younger generations to check out amateur radio, get on the …. This year, Field Day is back, in full force.

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The purpose of the exercise was to get some more members familiar with the set up and operation of the go kits, and to test the equipment. The club is a Florida non-profit corporation with approximately members, and it has existed for fifty-five years.

These include providing disaster communications, experimenting with things like amateur TV and satellite communications, competing in amateur radio competitions, and contacting amateurs around the world.

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Our members use not only voice, but many different modes of communications, such as Morse code, amateur television, radio teletype and other digital Brevard amateur radio club using computer interfaces. This station has been used by club members to compete with other clubs and groups around the world in various radio sport competitions. Most Wednesday evenings, a few members will get together at the club station to work DX distant stations.

All amateur radio operators and interested parties are invited to attend. See the meeting and the calendar for more information. PCARS also publishes a monthly newsletter. Anyone can read the most current newsletter to see what the club is about. Members can access an archive of past newsletters. These enable consistent and effective communication over a large part of Brevard County using small hand-held transceivers. These repeaters have been very valuable in helping club members support Red Cross Shelters during hurricanes, and in supporting public service events.

They participate in a weather reporting net immediately following the MREN each week. This annual event is held the second weekend in October at the Melbourne Auditorium. It draws over enthusiasts from all over the state of Florida and beyond. In addition to providing reliable communications for worthy public service events races, parades, mock disasters, etc. PCARS also conducts the exams for those s throughout the year.

Brevard amateur radio club

email: [email protected] - phone:(480) 748-7741 x 6955

Brevard County Florida - Amateur Radio