Black strip club las vegas

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I'm new to the area and I would like to know where the strip clubs are where the girls have actual ass and thighs and mostly black. The only one I knew Lacy's Lounge closed out and moved to Dallas As if they needed any more urban strips there. That's not showing up on the map.

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What is it's name now? They have all closed down. Chica Bonitas is Mexican but has thick girls and some black girls. It's not a "fancy" club if that's what you want. It's a total dump and people fight in the club and parking lot all the time. I just assume Floyd's club is a total overpriced scam that preys on dumb tourists. I can't imagine Floyd running anything other than that. Dude I tried Floyds girl collection. It is way overpriced. I don't know what the fuck he is trying to do with that. Chicas Bonitas - mostly Latina, not black, but closest to what I guess you want without getting totally ripped off.

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Definitely Chicas Bonitas. It's very, not a quality strip club. But I'd rather go there and get cheap drinks and see those types of girls than get ripped off. Raw Remedies downtown - girls are thick af and can dance and it's a lot more low key than the clubs on industrial. I can't find this in Google maps. The only raw remedies I see is a hair salon. Expensive AF. Talkless of dances. Like are they serious? I used to live in Atlanta and I'm used to a certain kind of thot-flow.

Ain't no way I'm paying that much just to get into a stripclub. Floyd need to chill TFO. It's space got expanded into by Palomino, a club that apparently refuses to hire black strippers i. Can't a brother get slapped in the face with a thick black ass while in vegas? WTF Nevada?

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This weekend doesn't seem to be turning out like I planned. Found the internet! Where are the black strip clubs in Vegas? Posted by 2 years ago. Love them black. They never dissappoint. Sort by: best. Reply Share. Continue this thread. It's right next to Nutz.

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Girl Collection owned by Floyd Mayweather. Check out girl collection. Damn Lacys was amazing.

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That's permanently closed. He's looking for a lap dance, not a robbery. More posts from the vegas community. The original Las Vegas subreddit run by people who live in Las Vegas. Locals and visitors welcome.

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Black strip club las vegas

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Black Strip Clubs in Las Vegas, NV