Bi MMF Chance Encounter

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Want to Read. Buy on Amazon. Rate this book. A fake boyfriend le to a secret relationship, sizzling encounters and love, when long-time best friends give into their feelings and fall into an unforgettable MMF romance. Days away from ending up on the streets, she has a chance encounter with Laine, a forgotten college classmate who offers her a weird proposal.

If she pretends to be his girlfriend for a few weeks, she and her mother can keep their home. It turns out that Laine has become richer than god since she last saw him. So, why would he need someone to pretend to be his girlfriend? And why would he reach into the past and ask her?

Companies, markets, hearts, nothing is safe once he sets his sights on them. That's what made him a billionaire and why everyone worships the ground this cocky ass walks on That is, everyone except for one man. And for Laine, that one man is the only person who matters. In fact, after college, while Laine was becoming a corporate raider, Reed moved to a small island in the Bahamas to run an after school program for less privileged .

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His is a quiet life So, when Laine invites Reed to stay with him on Laine's private island telling him that he will be bringing a guest, Reed braces himself for what could follow. But, as much as he prepares himself, he could never guess what Laine would do next, and how much it would change their feelings for each other.

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Jules and her mom are days away from being homeless when she runs into Laine, a guy from college and Bi MMF Chance Encounter offers her a load of cash if she will pretend to be his girlfriend. Reed moved to Bimini after college to help others and has been friends with Laine since college.

Reed always had a crush on Jules in school, what will happen when Laine brings her on his visit to see him? Fast-paced read with plenty with plenty of drama and suspense. The chemistry between all three is steamy and the story is fast—paced with lots of twists and turns.

I liked it. Leslie Sanchez. I have read several books by this author and really like his writing. Laine is a self-made billionaire who clawed his way up from poverty and is in love with Bi MMF Chance Encounter. Reed is a simple man, originally from a wealthy family.

These two have been best friends for a very long time. Jules is a woman they met in college that Reed has had feelings for since the beginning, but was too shy to make a move. Every year Laine vacations on the small island Reed calls home with a ton of complaints.

Nothing is ever quite good enough for him. Reed is happy with his island life and the simple way he lives. Laine wants to show Reed how well he could take care of him if he just allowed him to. Jules just lost her temp job and is hurting for money to pay bills after her mother's illness. In comes Laine with a plan to help Jules and capture Reed's attention.

Laine pays Jules to play like his fiance and make the trip to the islands to make Reed jealous and see the new house he bought on his own island. Well, things don't go as planned and a hurricane hits the their island and puts everything except the house under water. The three share a night of passion but when the truth comes out everything hits the fan and it is not pretty. Jules does some soul searching and changes her outlook. She will be the force to repair the damage the lies and selfishness broke. I liked this book a lot. There were a few places that were repetitious but other than that it was intense.

It took Laine long enough to figure out money can't buy love. I wished Reed had reminded him of where he came from and asked how he could so easily dismiss people that were going through the same thing. I requested an advanced reader copy and am under no obligation to leave this review.

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I was looking for something light to read and thought this looked like fun, it was so light the story in a nutshell is very immature supposed to be adults but acted more like tweens using each other to try and make the other jealous. One does it for money the other as a way to make the other person admit their feelings for them. The dialogue was very adolescent and the inner monologues made me think that these were 13 year olds and not 28 year olds.

Jules was a people pleaser and at times pretty wishy-washy. Reed was too insecure and needed to grow up a lot, Laine was a little too cocky a lot of the time and also needed to grow up. A serious discussion would have solved most of the issues in this story. So we get a happy for now and this story gets dragged out into another book?!? I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. So I really don't know what to make of this one. Laine is just an egotisical idiot and Reed to blind and hurt to see what's in front of him - namely Laine who has loved him Bi MMF Chance Encounter College but has a strange way of showing it.

And Jules, well - she just needed the money The characters did develop during the story but it still couldn't convince me. Kathy M. It felt rushed, and the epilogue left a lot of questions. Other than that, this was a good read about best friends who have each been secretly attracted to each other. Toss in a women from their past that needs help, and you have a very interesting storyline. Although I didn't like Laine, he was able to redeem himself. Monique Hebert. I loved the characters and how their relationships intermingled. I would have enjoyed more sex scenes but the ones that were there I enjoyed.

I can't wait to read what happens next. the discussion.

Bi MMF Chance Encounter

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