Been single way to long

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Up! I have a dichotomous relationship with singledom; on one hand it feels almost addictive and too comfortable but on the other, life gets lonely sometimes.

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Comfortable because you have only one person to satisfy — you! So yes, being single has its pros and cons, like most things in life. But swiping did you no good. I mean, there are better ways of exercising your fingers!

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The dates were either crappy or had no potential of furtherance. The loss, mourning and intoxicating yourself to get rid of the pain — all that is done and dusted. They are not even on your booty call list. Maybe now is the best time to look for a cutie.

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There should be an upper limit to how many times you can be the extra. Even your friends feel bad for you now but they are probably glad to have someone click their pictures for Instagram. At least some good comes out of your misery! I mean, just how many times will they hear exciting stories of your wild nights of watching Money Heist until you pass out, alone? Who needs them bodycon dresses when you can chill in tights and hoodies? All your friends are taken and usually, people celebrate holidays with their partners.

You gotta find your silver lining.

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They have been watching you go unwaxed for weeks; they have seen you spend holidays doing nothing. Your parents are losing hope that you can set yourself up, so now they are offering to do it for you. That is the final straw, my friend.

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Satisfaction is important, single or not. From enjoying a cup of coffee alone to watching a movie by yourself, your independence is incredible. The pandemic may have all of us confined to our homes but it means that entertainment has gotten Powered by. Akanksha Narang. You may also like Preach Woman, Preach!

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Been single way to long

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10 Tell-Tale s You’ve Been Single Way Too Long