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The golden days of Atlanta having great quality strip clubs are over and never coming back. True that friend, Magic City lost its charm when every generic rapper who thinks they're hot shit decided to fuck up the vibe. Follies was one of the last places that felt like an actual club. Follies was founded inbut its relationship with Chamblee began in The city annexed the area of Buford Highway where the business was located.

Tough, being forced to follow these new ordinances after being annexed. I'm surprised they weren't grandfathered in since they existed pre-annexation. If I read correctly they are trying to sue with the explanation that they were grandfathered in. Awww man. That place was sketchy in all the right ways for a strip club. It'll be missed.

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Had a couple of baller nights at that place. By baller nights I mean borderline sodom and gomorrah type shit. The article re like harassment and lawfare by the city against this business. It starts with crime reports around the club, leading to changes in city ordinance on late night alcohol sales, a raid on the club which turns up an empty fire extinguisher and illegally selling alcohol by the bottle gasp which led to liquor suspension, the city is even hiring renowned attorneys to screw this club, then finally the city just banned nude dancing and any alcohol sales at adult establishments.

Now they're closing. City wins. Basically this. Google Scott Bergthold and have a field day.

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He has made his entire business model going from state to state and shutting strip clubs down. So bottles can't be sold in Chamblee? There are several locations selling today.

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Several a few feet from Follies. I guess they haven't been "raided" yet.

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I remember when it opened. I just started high school and wondered what kind of place had neon legs out front. I was a sweet summer. This sparked a memory! Years and years ago we had a corporate Christmas party dinner somewhere downtown. The office admin printed up maps off Google maps for us back before you just carried it on your smartphone and we carpooled over there from the suburbs.

Well, something went wrong and she wanted the address on 'Some Road N ' but she instead had gotten directions for 'Some Road S. And after we all parked and walked to the address we found Or maybe it was an adult toy store. It definitely was something too risque for an office holiday dinner. We took a picture of us all standing in front of the obviously adult business and included it with our other holiday photos.

Good times. Agreed, such a big following for this brand.

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They should reopen the club in another location. What's stoping them from doing that? Found the internet! Sort by: best. Oasis Goodtime Emporium. Continue this thread. The Pony and Cheetah are not long for this world. Free market and small government amirite? Small enough to fit in your bedroom. This place was special like no other club in Atlanta.

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