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Moderate malt flavor where hops should be. Tastes like an artificial sweetener. Like a liquid pez. Not a lot of bitterness. Does have some lemon flavor. Very low malt. Despite it tasting like candy it doesn't actually have a lot of sweetness. Finishes medium dry.

Malt sweetness paired with a citrus orange hop. Onion and pine resin come through, it's just not a good combination with under attenuated malt. The fruit salad of the aroma carries to the nose with a more prominent under ripen banana dominating initially, with a pineapple and grapefruit emerging in the mid palate. A slight pithy, drying character from the bitterness gives the impression of eating on a banana rind. Hard candy jumps up front, moderate grainy malt in the middle. Lingering bitterness that makes you long to wear a fleece pajama onesie in a single room wood cabin next to a fire.

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The sip trades juiciness for broad, mouth-filling bitterness that steals the show. Non-descript hop bitterness and a clean west-coast IPA with notes of mango and orange. Alcohols are noticeable, but well restrained given this is a triple IPA. Spicy, drinkable for a triple.

Malt, biscuit light toast quality in the beginning with a light grapefruit flavor in the middle of the sip.

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Light tartness mixed with a touch of bitterness at the end of the sip. Finishes with a mild biscuit flavor and light bitterness. Assertive women chat no Carmel touch on the sweet side of the amount of bitterness and hop characteristics.

A light mint herbal like quality. Huge herbal hop character up front very similar to unsweetened black tea. Crystal malts really balance the hop bitterness but is an interesting competition it seems between the sweetness and the hop bitterness. Finishes extremely dry with a really resin and herbal hop character. Sip continues the orange theme: broad citrus.

Omnipresent bitterness sneakily evades detection, taking cover under orange camouflage. The sip is closer to the mean: lightly watery, rough lingering bitterness, with some redeeming funky fruit. The sip goes full-on orange-sweet—no subtlety required—with enough bitterness to reel it in before sprawling across the palate in decadence. Malt sweetness with a syrup like consistency upfront with a medium hop fruitiness.

Melon sweetness with a touch of light banana and lemon. Very light on the bitterness only exposing itself at the very end. A bit of cardboard oxidization towards the middle of the sip makes the hops muddled. Citrus up front with lemon and grapefruit. Turns into vegetal and earthy: green pepper, green onion, garlic. No harshness. A bit of alcohol warmth that features pineapple in the finish. Blood orange citrus upfront with a mild tartness that continues into the finish.

Moderate carbonation helps put the tartness with medium bittering hops. A light underling biscuit malt presence but that isn't sweet. Not balanced and leans towards the bitter, tart, astringent side.

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The sip feels a bit like hazy IPA viewed through a s IPA kaleidoscope, with light sweeter notes but a big grainy malt component and surprisingly earthy bitterness. Brut goes Belgian as the phenolic yeast ester evokes a distinctly saison note. A touch of yeasty bitterness hits quickly on the sip and overwhelms any more delicate hops notes. Accessible for generalists, not adventurists. The sip brings indoor voices, toning down the brash energy and nicely balancing the indulgent fruit. Light body, medium bitterness, clean dry malt character.

Hops dominate and bring an intense orange zest and pith character with the bitterness of the zest clinging to your palate. Other citrus notes are sprinkled in. Finish is dry and the bitterness lingers. Pleasantly balanced - the malt has some caramel sweetness up front, but still finishes relatively dry and crisp. Classic American hop character though, but there's a grassy dry hop character that comes across a bit astringent on the finish. Pleasant lingering spiciness on the swallow.

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Citrus and forest notes in the aroma and flavor are very light. Minimal in expression without sacrificing character. The sip pushes an intense bitterness that overwhelms everything around it, sacrificing subtlety and nuance. A tame, safe, and straightforward take on American IPA with a dialed-down bitterness and dialed-up fruity hops character.

The nose is a touch musty, but the flavor steps up the fruit intensity. Flavorwise, it dives into the orange-juice pool headfirst, unconcerned with the question of depth. Simple and straightforward. Herbal lavender on the nose offers an almost saison-like character with a touch of yeast phenolics that cement the comparison.

The sip is similarly saison-esque with a bit more malt sweetness and slight touch of citrus over a minimal bitterness. Flavor swings for the fences, with amplified citrus, confident bitterness, and a satisfying sweet-but-dry effect.

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The sip is clunky, with a malt-forward, bitter-citronella body. As that hit wears off, a peppery-orange spicy warmth sets in to brings it back around. Sip is boldly bitter yet alluring in its rounded herbal edges—an outlier among citrus- and fruit-forward IPAs but entertaining for that reason. The sip continues the sweet jag with straight tangerine juice and minimal bitterness—simple and straightforward. The sip is light—very light—with gentle pale malt notes through the middle.

Just a bit too sweet for a beer this light, but fruit notes keep it fun. The sip leans more mainstream American, with bits of orange, tangerine, and pine forest wrapped in a lightly hazy package. An herbal bitterness climbs into the finish. In the sip, an edge of tropical bitterness runs through, but it lacks the sweetness to sell some of the fruitier elements.

Strawberry-orange-peel nose with a touch of breadiness. The sip is a bit too malt-forward for the nascent style but still resolves cleanly enough. Runs through everything from orange to mango to lychee and back again. The sip is sweeter, with big body and rich malt. The sip is sweet Assertive women chat no Carmel juicy, with a note of almost toasted orange peel and almond. On the sip, honey sweetness hits with tongue-coating intensity. Light herbal bitterness in the finish, stopping short of scrubbing the palate.

Present alcohol, despite moderate ABV. Sip is intensely sweet—past the most liberal definitions of IPA. Could work if the beer offered some balancing bitterness. The sip is cleaner and brighter—relatively dry with a soft citrus bitterness. Deed for drinking more than one. Contrite and lean but pleasing.

Sip is loud, with throwback DIPA bitterness smoothed and honed into a better version of itself. The sip echoes the nose, with curious fruity woodiness that sits satisfyingly on the tongue while drying out in the finish. Light and dry in flavor, with a curious, tropically tilted, overripe-fruit bitterness that slightly overpowers the friendlier fruit.

The sip brings big orange fruit with a light pithy bitterness. Big without overwhelming, fruity without cloying. Blueberries, pineapple, dank, green onions, orange in a Styrian Golding sense. Mid-palate hops are somewhat limited but present with an almost pie-like character. No alcohol warmth to distract. Citrus and pine. A bit of honey and caramel. Medium sweet into intense bitter that lingers. Really interesting grapefruit-pith character.

Assertive women chat no Carmel

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